Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Old-Fashioned DVD released today, June 16!

The retro-modern love story "Old-Fashioned" comes out on DVD today, June 16. You can purchase it HERE.

Here's my review: 

An introverted, chivalrous small business owner and a sweet, extroverted Midwestern woman meet and attempt the almost impossible: an "old-fashioned" courtship in contemporary America. Amber, an attractive and intelligent young woman, is a drifter, a fun-loving, "free spirit" who moves from one town to another when the going gets tough and drives until she runs out of gas. This time, she has run out of gas in a town in Ohio, where she rents an apartment upstairs from Clay's antique shop. Amber is fascinated and curious about Clay’s old-fashioned ideas concerning women and his strong morals. She becomes so attracted to him that she conveniently invents accidents and repairs for him to fix, so she can see him on a regular basis. After a series of flirtatious episodes, at both her apartment and in the grocery store, he realizes that, he, too, would like to get to know her better.

The two, still in their twenties, have been tainted by the world and by their past relationships, but are sincere in desiring true love. Clay, a former frat boy in college who delved into some sexually promiscuous behavior and shady dealings in the past, feels he does not deserve love, because he continues to feel guilty, despite the fact that he has repented and has changed completely, going to the opposite extreme by avoiding relationships with women. Amber, too, has been sexually active in the past and has been hurt spiritually, physically, and emotionally by these relationships, all in an effort to avoid loneliness and to find love. Both Amber and Clay are broken and damaged by past relationships and by the values of our secular society, which place a priority on sex and pleasure, selfishness and lust rather than focusing on the beauty of authentic love and selflessness, which brings true joy.  After years of pain and regret, the two learn how true love sets them free from their past.

This film has lots to offer. It is romantic, real, gutsy, gritty, dramatic, humorous, poignant, and touching. It offers a wholesome message, without being preachy. It will make you laugh and cry, and feel good, knowing that genuine love is still possible between two people in our self-centered, sex-crazed world. I highly recommend it!

~ copyright Jean M. Heimann February 2015.

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