Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Book Review: The Kiss of Jesus

I have been reading and reviewing Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle’s books for the past seven years and have been a big fan. Donna-Marie has served as an inspiration to me and to all women, speaking to us in a gentle, gracious manner, guiding us spiritually, with wisdom and love. Now, she has written a book (her twentieth) that tops them all. In The Kiss of Jesus: How Mother Teresa and the Saints Helped Me to Discover the Beauty of the Cross, she shares her life story. And, what a story it is!

In this candid, astonishing autobiographical account, this soft-spoken, delicate, and devout Catholic media celebrity reveals the shocking struggles she has tackled in life. She became engaged to a drug addict who held her against her will, threatening harm to her family. She faced miscarriages, abuse, serious illness, divorce, financial difficulties, custody battles, and single motherhood – all with great inner strength and tremendous courage. Through God’s providence, she met Mother Teresa, the spiritual guide who shepherded her through some of these trials and helped her heal. Her ten year relationship with this saint provided the spiritual nourishment she needed to stay strong and to live an even holier life. In The Kiss of Jesus, Donna-Marie also reveals the joys in her life and shares instances of the incredible joy she brings to the hearts of others. She tells us that she was “born to be a mother” and expounds on her beautiful love for her vocation.

The Kiss of Jesus is an engaging, easy to read, fast-moving story that keeps you wanting more. It is an inspiring tale that will encourage all who read it. We have all been wounded in this life and will be rejuvenated by Donna-Marie’s words of hope and healing. Her memoir speaks especially to those who have suffered injustices and are angry, bitter, or resentful. Donna-Marie teaches us how to move beyond the pain and brokenness of the past to the peace and wholeness of the present, which occurs when we forgive and cultivate compassion for others. In doing so, we, too, will experience the joy of the Lord that emanates from the Holy Spirit.

I heartily recommend The Kiss of Jesus to all my readers. It is a book that will have a profound impact on your life, drawing you in the direction of holiness.

The Kiss of Jesus is available at your local Catholic bookstore, at Ignatius Press or at Amazon .

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