Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ten Tips for a Peace-Filled Advent

1. Attend daily Mass and the sacrament of Reconciliation with your family as often as possible.

2. Attend fewer Christmas parties and spend more time in prayer. Pray the Rosary with the family or spend an hour each week in Eucharistic Adoration together. Light a candle for the Blessed Virgin Mary on her feast days.

3. Laugh. Find humor in the events of your everyday life. Watch classic comedies with clean humor.

3. Buy fewer Christmas presents for family. Instead teach them the real meaning of Christmas by giving more of your time, talents, and money to those who need it. Volunteer at the soup kitchen or the homeless shelter. Collect food, toys, coats, and other articles for the needy.

4. Use an Advent calendar and a wreath to mark this time of preparation. Pray Advent prayers with the family when you light up the candle on the wreath. Sing "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" throughout Advent. Pray the Rosary or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at this time.

5. Take prayer naps -- rest in the arms of Jesus. Surrender your worries to Him. Accept His gift of peace.

6. Listen to beautiful religious music -- like Advent at Ephesus.

7. Keep outdoor lights and decorations simple, using religious CHRISTmas scenes like the Nativity or a star.

8. Thank God each day for the good things in your life. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

9. Do something nice for someone each day and encourage family members to do the same. It might be a small act of kindness or an encouraging or a kind word.

10. Forgive someone. Forgiveness is an act of the will. It does not mean that you condone what the person did. You are making a decision not to hold onto anger or resentment or the desire for revenge. You are giving yourself and the other person the gift of healing. When you forgive, stress will melt away and peace will fill your heart.


Joanne Utke said...

Great ideas for a holy Advent...

AnneMarie said...

These are awesome-I really like #10; that is so important in preparing for Christ's 2 big comings!