Thursday, June 02, 2016

Seven Saint Quotes on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

On June 3, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Here are seven inspiring saint quotes for reflection on this beautiful feast day.

1.  "The Heart of Jesus is an open heart. Spend your time there...It is not an ordinary school or a boarding school or a school for examinations, but it is a school of Jesus where you come to learn and to know the Heart of Jesus - where the teachers are His Mother and He. What have we to learn? To be meek and humble; if we are meek and humble, we will learn to pray. If we learn to pray we will belong to Jesus. If we belong to Jesus we will learn to believe and if we believe we will learn to love and if we love we will learn to serve." -- Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

2. "Let us learn to honor the Sacred Heart in the Eucharist. Let us never separate them." -- St. Peter Julian Eymard 

3. "The Sacred Heart of Christ is an inexhaustible fountain and its sole desire is to pour itself out into the hearts of the humble so as to free them and prepare them to lead lives according to his good pleasure.  From this divine heart three streams flow endlessly. The first is the stream of mercy for sinners; it pours into their hearts sentiments of contrition and repentance. The second is the stream of charity which helps all in need and especially aids those seeking perfection in order to find the means of surmounting their difficulties. From the third stream flow love and light for the benefit of his friends who have attained perfection; these he wishes to unit to himself so that they may share his knowledge and commandments and, in their individual ways, devote themselves wholly to advancing his glory. This divine heart is an abyss filled with all blessings, and into it the poor should submerge all their needs. It is an abyss of joy in which all of us can immerse our sorrows. It is an abyss of lowliness to counteract our foolishness, an abyss of mercy for the wretched, an abyss of love to meet our every need." -- St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

4. "Go to the Heart of Jesus and draw from it, and when you need more, go back to the Source and draw again." -- St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

4.  "'I came to cast fire upon the earth; and would that it were already kindled" (Luke 12:29). We have approached the fire of the love of God. Let us allow that fire to burn our lives. Let us feed the desire to spread that divine fire throughout the world, making t known to all the people around us. They too can experience the peace of Christ and find happiness there. A Christian who lives united to Christ's heart can have no goals but these: peace in society, peace in the Church, peace in his soul, the peace of God which will reach its climax when his kingdom comes."  --  St. Josemaria Escriva

5.  "His 'Sacred Heart' has given men everything: redemption, salvation, sanctification... Through the mystery of this wounded Heart, the restorative tide of God's merciful love continues to spread over the men and women of our time. Here alone can those who long for true and lasting happiness find its secret." -- Pope St. John Paul II, from his homily on the first universal celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday, 2001.

6.  "What would become of me if I did not dedicate all my affections to the Sacred Host? Oh yes, I know it Lord; that in order to make me deserve paradise in heaven, You give me Communion here on earth!" -- St. Gemma Galgani

7.  "Do not let the past disturb you -- just leave everything in the Sacred Heart and begin again with joy."  -- Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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