Saturday, July 26, 2008

Barack Obama: A Pressing Immediate Need for Prayer

"Duh?... Present."

Barack Obama tries to convey that he is a man of character who will cross party lines to work with Republicans and is not the radical left "extremist" that some portray him to be. Of course, this is another one of his lies. The reality is that Obama has a history of voting “present” on most bills, rather than supporting or opposing them. In fact, he voted "present" 130 times as a state senator. A really decisive guy who would make a great President, right?

Let's project this behavior into the future....

"Mr. President, the terrorists have just bombed the Pentagon, what should we do?"


Seriously, the man is spineless! He can't talk on his own nor can he think for himself. He doesn't know how to respond in complete sentences when he's not been spoon-fed and groomed for a canned speech. He can't think on his feet. Please don't tell me what an "articulate" guy he is -- I have seen and heard him up close and personal -- and followed his campaign in IL. In the face of truth, he stammers and stutters and looks like the "village idiot" when he's anywhere near Alan Keyes. He struggles with his expressive language skills and is unable to present any kind of defense when he is confronted with the truth. And, in spite of what I have heard from mindless women (and I will be the first to admit that such creatures of my own sex do inhabit the earth and unfortunately are registered voters) say about his outward appearance and charisma, this "man" is seriously lacking in character and morals.

How in the heck did he ever get elected you ask? He was the "sweetheart" of the liberal media in IL and continues to be the "darling" of the U.S. liberal press who love him because he supports gay marriage, abortion, Planned Parenthood, and black genocide, destroying US weapons, and every other far left extremist position that exists. He thinks in a perverted, destructive manner -- for example, children are considered "a punishment" and babies born alive should be left to die without medical assistance.

The other day I was with a group of intelligent Catholic Christians and I was amazed at how little most of them really knew about Obama. Some of these people are leaders in our community and they are also registered voters. I am not singling out this group to criticize them but to emphasize the point that I believe many voters are still unaware of who Obama really is and that you and I have to keep blogging about him and sharing the truth with others. We also need to continue our prayers and sacrifices for this upcoming election. Our primary election here is coming up in less than two weeks and the pressing need we have at this time is for prayer -- that people will show up in the primaries and vote against Obama. NObama!

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