Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don't Support Death: Just Say "Nobama!"

I have been blogging on Barack Obama and Jill Stanek since 2004, when I had the privillege of serving as one of Jill Stanek's prayer intercessors. At that time, Jill was dismissed from her position as an R.N. at Christ Hospital in Oak Brook, IL for telling the truth about the infanticide occuring there. Babies that were meant to be aborted at this so-called "Christian" hospital who were born alive were left to die, without receiving any medical assistance whatsoever.

Jill's testimony can be found here at Priests for Life.

Jill also appeared on O'Reilly to share her story.

Jill fought back to protect these infants and, the Born Alive Infants Protection Act was introduced into the IL legislature as a result of her efforts. Barack Obama was serving in the IL legislature at that time and worked to ensure that this horrifying procedure continue. Obama not only voted against Born Alive, but he was the sole senator to speak against it on the senate floor - 2 years in a row.

The federal version of Born Alive passed unanimously 98-0 in the US Senate with Sens. Kennedy and Boxer speaking in support of it on the senate floor. It passed overwhelmingly by voice vote in the US House. President Bush signed it into law on August 5, 2002. As chairman of the IL Senate Health & Human Services Committee, Obama singlehandedly stopped the identical wording of the federal bill from being introduced in IL in 2003. Barack Obama is so radical in his support of abortion, he supports infanticide. He supports the killing of babies in his own "backyard" -- babies who are of his own race!

As I have said before: Barack Obama has no business running for the office of President -- he is indeed a baby killer and places no value on human life. He is a dangerous man. There is no proof that he is even a cititizen of this country and he befriends radicals and terrorists. Both he and his wife hate this country! He is a puppet of the Democratic party and is being used to promote their radical pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, anti-marriage, anti-family agenda.

Obama's multi-millionaire criminal friends -- George Soros and others -- have provided the funds he needs to spread his outrageous messianic messages (There is only one Jesus Christ and it's not him!) -- his phony campaign of bringing"hope" to the American people. The truth is that there is no hope for us nor for our generation if this man is elected President. He is a strong advocate of the culture of death -- he is the pawn in the game of politics-- present in our time as a "false prophet" to stir up false messages in the hearts of the people only to bring disappointment, destruction, and death to our families and to our country. Do not fall prey to his "false prophecies". His words tickle the ears of many, and he charms people with his outward appearances, but do not let yourselves be deceived by him. Repeat after me: NOBAMA!

For further reading, check out Diane's detailed post Obama and the "Born Alive Infant Protection Act" at Te Deum laudamus!

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Bill said...

NObama! How can someone who claims to be "Christian" allow this? You KNOW in reality he is not Christian!

Sanctus Belle said...

I watched your video segment from FOX, thanks for posting this. I'm an RN, but by the grace of God have never worked in OB care nor participated in abortion. I'm a committed pro-life Catholic.

That said, I'll tell you that this "procedure" (which is a misnomer) is done in just about every hospital that has a labor and delivery department. Some birth defect is found in baby either by ultrasound or other testing and parents decide their baby should die. They are too far along for an abortion clinic admits to L & D department for an induced labor. That is all this "procedure" is - induced labor knowing full well the intention is the kill the baby as he or she is too young to survive outside the womb. Induced labor takes place every day - but 99% are full term. The staff won't even know this is to be a killing until mom checks in.

Similar murders take place every day in operating rooms. An abortion is booked as a "D&C with suction" which is an extremely common procedure. No reason is ever given for D&C unless you ask - which is what I did (was an OR nurse for years) the charge nurses know who will and who won't do those cases. Again, the vast majority are for miscarriages which never miscarry - no heart beat,definate fetal demise so the D&C is done to save the mother. There is NO difference whatsoever in the procedure for a baby which is alive. Look at any hosptal's OR bookings and you'll see for yourself. Know that in most hospitals a full 10% or more of these are murders.

I am telling the truth.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

You tell it, Jean. I hope the American people will recognize him for what he is. I never knew about this action of his in the IL legislature until you wrote about it. Someone so committed to death is very scary, indeed. Keep writing about him, please.

Samantha said...

it is a truly scary time.
we are trying to fight a clinic from coming to