Friday, March 27, 2009

Breaking: Sebelius Signs Woman’s Right to Know and See Act

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has signed a bill ensuring that clinics give women and girls seeking abortions a chance to see ultrasound images before performing the procedure.

The legislation was signed Friday and takes effect July 1. It also requires clinics to offer abortion patients a chance to listen to the fetal heartbeat.

Sebelius signed the measure as she awaits U.S. Senate confirmation as federal Health and Human Services secretary.

The bill amends a state law requiring doctors to obtain a patient's informed consent before performing an abortion.

I'm happy she took my advice!

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GrannyGrump said...

Of course she signed it. She knows that she can sign ANY law about abortion now, and it makes no difference. The Tiller jury just established that abortion laws will NOT BE ENFORCED, no matter how flagrantly and openly you break them. Abortion laws are NOT ENFORCED IN KANSAS. So what difference does it make?

Bill said...

Looks like they may be enforced now.