Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pro-lifers Fight Back as Obama and PP Push Congress to Pass Obama Death Care

On “Fox News Sunday” this past weekend, budget director Peter Orszag said he is “not prepared to rule ... out” taxpayer financing for abortions.

This video accurately and concisely summarizes what Obama's disastrous health care reform legislation is trying to do -- force US citizens to pay for all abortions that will be financed by both public funds and private insurance.

From the Philadelphia Bulletin:

The nation’s largest provider of abortions laid siege to Capitol Hill Thursday lobbying lawmakers to include “women’s health” issues in the massive Obama health care plan. The health care push came on the same day Planned Parenthood, along with other foster care/adoption organizations, launched a new effort Thursday to reduce teen pregnancy among foster care youth. Read the entire article.

Here's what Pro-lifers are doing to fight back:

The largest pro-life webcast in history will take place tomorrow (7/23 @ 9 pm) to mobilize on fighting mandate of taxpayer funded abortion – --1300+ are currently registered for this conference

Letter from 50+ leaders to Congress has been sent out

Letter from AUL to Obama was sent out today asking him to meet to talk about how abortion does not belong in healthcare

19 pro-life Democrats recently warned Pelosi they will NOT vote for a bill unless it expressly takes abortion OUT of healthcare

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Bill said...

How can "health care" mean killing people?