Call your Sentors! Frist filed for cloture vote on interstate parental notice bill

Via Jill Stanek and Pro-life blogs:

September 27,2006 - This just in from DC: "Senator Frist filed cloture on ccpa/ciana tonight, as soon as was possible. Cloture will ripen in 30 hours. Then we will vote. And we need to win."

Yes! Good for Senator Frist! A very real pro-life legislative drama is unfolding. Next, 60 senators must vote aye to stop a filibuster and get this important pro-life bill to the President's desk.

Session ends Friday. We must all call our senators TOMORROW
-- which means today, Thursday, September 28. (my addition)

To find your senator's phone number, go here.

To learn more about the Parental Notification Bill, go here.


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