Five Little Known Things

My thanks to Esther for tagging me with this fun meme.

1. I have worked at a number of jobs throughout my life: I have been employed as: a waitress, quality control inspector, secretary, bookkeeper, hospital tray passer, car hop, U.S. Census Enumerator, tutor, teacher in elementary school, high school, and junior college, but spent most of my professional career working as a psychologist in a variety of different envirionments.

2. I wanted to be writer even before I could write and wrote my first poem at age 9 entitled "A Kitten".

3. My favorite books as a teenager were: The Story of a Soul, Mr. Blue, Black Like Me, The Robe, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Agnostic, The Silver Chalice, 1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm, Dr. Tom Dooley - My Story, Confessions - St. Augustine, Hiroshima, Annapurna, Kon-Tiki, and The Good Earth.

4. I love to sing and dance and often to create my own lyrics and apply them to the tune of a popular song. Most of the time they are funny.

5. I am a night owl and often get up in the middle of the night to read, write, or pray (If I'm not already awake.)

I will tag Jay, Julie, Moneybags, Barb, Fidei Defensor


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