Fed-up Wal-Mart worker quits over pro-'gay' agenda

I am happy to see someone who works at Wal*Mart to take a stand like this. We are still boycotting Wal*Mart because of this policy and so are people we know. We have no intention of shopping there until they change their policies. Actually, I think we're saving money by not shopping there. The Christmas season is upon us and I am sure they will feel the loss this year due to their imprudent and immoral actions.


  1. I've been boycotting wal-Mart for a long time. They're very bad corporate citizens, toxic to small businesses, treat their staff like dirt -- I could go on. Now there's one more reason to avoid these "Temples of Mammon". I call them that because any Sunday I happen to drive by, the parking lots are filled to capacity, while those of churches are not. I too hope they realize that people won't be fooled.

  2. Good for you! Keep up the good work!


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