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I have been tagged by Esther for Personal Policies Meme . Thanks, Esther!

1. Each day, when I get up the first thing I do is sing a song of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. Then, I pray the morning prayer and my intercessory prayers.

2. I go to daily Mass and pray the rosary daily with my husband, Bill. I always offer my Mass and Communion for the special intention(s) of someone who is in need of my prayers. I always recite my Marian Conscecration prayer after Mass.

3. I have two health shakes everyday - one for breakfast and one for lunch. Jasmine (Jazzy, my cat) must have a small amount of the kefir that I use to make my shakes.

4. For exercise, I walk at least 30 minutes (usually 45 minutes) daily unless I am ill.

5. I pray the liturgy of the hours daily.

6. Every night I recite the night prayer with Bill and afterwards implore the intercession of the Blessed Mother (We do a mini litany to Mary under her various titles.) as well as the intercession of several saints and blesseds.

7. I must read and write for a certain amount of time each day. Laundry and cooking are the household chores that I seem to spend the most time on each day.

8. I spend at least one hour weekly adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

9. Each day, I read the Magnificat and at least one other devotional.

10. The most important thing I do for my family everyday (besides prayer) is to hug and kiss Bill and stroke Jazzy and tell them I love them (although I hope my actions speak louder than my words.)

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