It Sure is Hard Finding Help Killing Babies Nowadays!

Late - term abortionist George Tiller has his hands full these days - not only is he faced with criminal charges for performing illegal late -term abortions, but he just can't seem to hire and retain help at his Wichita office anymore. Who would have guessed?

From Operation Rescue:

Tiller published an ad in the Sunday Edition of the Wichita Eagle on July 8, 2007, advertising a clerical position. “Must be Pro-Choice!” the ad emphatically stated. There appeared to be no other qualifications required for the job.

It is becoming increasingly harder for Tiller to find new workers,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Now that he is facing 19 criminal counts for illegal abortions, those that work for him must be wondering if they are going down with a sinking ship, and if Tiller’s alleged criminality will implicate them in some way. Anyone new has to be crazy to step into that mess.”

Tiller typically employs about a dozen office workers. Operation Rescue has conducted routine prayer vigils in the neighborhoods of Tiller’s abortion employees since 2003. Since then at least fourteen of them have quit.

“Tiller, who is reportedly a difficult and demanding employer, has had a heck of a time keeping an office manager. He finally had to promote his bookkeeper after others bailed out on him,” said Newman. “Except for the abortionists, none of his staff are licensed medical workers. We can find no evidence that some have even graduated from high school. He gives them two weeks training – that’s it – even for the women who assist with the dangerous late-term abortions and other surgeries. It sounds like he’s so desperate that he’ll hire anyone off the street, as long as they are an avid supporter of abortion.

“Unfortunately, this is something that is not unique to Tiller, but seems to be standard operating procedure for abortion mills across the country. They’ll take anyone with a warm body and ice water in their veins.”

“We understand from inside sources that the work environment is unpleasant and stressful,” said Newman. No kidding? “One worker complained about a tyrannical supervisor and another described her job reassembling early-term aborted baby parts as ‘disgusting.’ According to a third source, the stench from the incinerator when the babies’ bodies are burned is sickening and disturbing.”

I have smelled the stench of those burning bodies outside his clinic and it is enough to make you want to vomit! It's Auschwitz all over again. I don't know how the people who live in the homes in that area can tolerate it. Yet, no one complains and even if they did, who would do anything to stop it? Tiller tells the governor, the attorney general, and the mayor what to do - he pays their way into office and keeps them there. What really irks me is that they're all "Catholics" in name only. That's why they desperately need our prayers.

“We continue to pray that each and every person associated with Tiller’s killing business will repent, renounce child-killing, and turn to a respectable line of work,” he said.

Tiller the Killer and his colleagues remain in my daily prayers for these intentions. It is not easy praying for him, but the Lord has commanded us to do so.

ACTION ITEM: Since Tiller included his fax number in the ad, concerned citizens may wish to use the opportunity to fax Tiller and his staff their prayers and other concerns.

I strongly encourage everyone who can to fax Tiller their prayers and concerns. No threats please!

Here is the information from the Wichita Eagle:




CLERICAL Women's Health Care Services

Full Time Clerical

Primary duties: Patient Scheduling and general office tasks.

Must be Pro-Choice!

Mail or fax resume: 5107 E. Kellogg Wichita, KS 67218
Fax# 316-684-0052


  1. Great tip! Thanks!

  2. Evidently working for Tiller is no picnic.

    A disgrutled former employee sued. She said Tiller was dictatorial, micromanaging, and prone to "whimsical, arrogant and tyrannical outbursts."

    "There were no 'training manuals' for new employees, and .... front office employees wre routinely called back to the medical area to assist medical employees with direct patient care without receiving any training in this area."

    Tasks front-office employees did included washing surgical instruments and wraping them for autoclave, operating the sonogram during surgery, explaining aftercare instructions to patients, and preparing specimins, according to the suit.

    "Dr. Tiller paid 'kick-backs' to certain individuals who referred patients to him: [I.S.] in New York; [C.F.] in Tulsa, Oklahoma and [C.K.] in Atlanta, Georgia... Dr. Tiller required me to account for these payments (other than [I.S.], who he paid in cash) as 'Other Advertising' on the books."

    "Dr. Tiller instructed me to routinely overbill Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas. For example, we billed BC/BS $786 for a first trimester procedure, while patients actually paid only $225 or $330. Dr. Tiller advised me that he 'pioneered' this billing procedure, and that other clinics across the country were doing it as well. The way it worked was that $786 was booked as the actual procedure fee, the patient paid either $225 or $330, and the remainder ($561 or $456) was written off in the 'adjustments' column. When patients questioned this, we adviced that $786 was the actual cost of our service, but that in order to remain competitive we took a loss, or a write-off, to keep our prices low."


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