The Heaven Meme

Julian of Norwich describes heaven as a place of "eternal joy". She explains: "But we are not blessedly safe, possessing our endless joy, until we are all in peace and in love, that is to say wholly contented with God and with all his works and with all his judgments, and loving and content with ourselves and with our fellow Christians and with everything which God loves, as is pleasing to love."

This meme has one question:

How do you envision heaven?

I envision Heaven as a place of unlimited beauty and joy. It consists of tree - filled countrysides and forests with fresh air, pristine water, mountains, cascading waterfalls, turquoise oceans with white sand beaches, and gorgeous gardens filled with the aroma of roses, gardenias, and lilacs. Colorful fruit trees and vegetable gardens are in abundance and delectable food of every kind is there if you so desire and the supply never diminishes.

Every body there is perfect, but there is little focus on the appearances of others, but the main focus is on the love, the peace, and the joy that exists there between all God's creatures. We are all united as one people, raising our hearts to God in the communication of love.

There is no need for words - love flows freely. Certainly we can talk or write if we desire, but it is not necessary. All our family members are there with us and each one is in total ecstascy. Everyone present loves us and are like family to us. This is better than the best family reunion we have attended because we are all of the same mind and heart.

No one is ever bored as there is stimulation for our minds, which see things more clearly than they ever have before. Each of us laugh freely and each one of us has a special way of showering one another with love and showing God how much we love Him. There are some who are gifted with a sense of humor, some who are gifted musically and others gifted artistically, yet there is no competition. Our gifts are shared completely with one another and with God. No one is ever needy in any way - every need is fulfilled by the others present and by the God who loves us. We have total peace and security.

We meet all the saints from all of the ages past and present and we learn the stories of their lives with none of the details missing.

Every pet that we have ever owned is there with us and they are perfectly behaved and very affectionate toward those who desire their affections. They praise God by their total obedience. They entertain us with cute, endearing behaviors and are always putting on amusing plays for us under the direction of St. Francis of Assisi.

There are gorgeous babies there with luminous skin and clear blue eyes. Everyone loves the babies and we all serve as parents to them. They laugh and make cute baby gurgles and love to play. Best of all - these babies are maintenance - free. They are sweet and angelic, like little cherubs - with hearts full of love.

I guess I had better stop there before this turns into a book.

So, how do you envision heaven?

Make your answer as short or as long as you wish and tag 5 people.

Those I tag are:

1. Esther of A Catholic Mom in Hawaii.

2. Deb at Ukok's Place.

3. Margaret Mary at Margaret Mary Myers.

4. Jeff Miller at The Curt Jester.

5. Chelsea at A Path to Holiness.


  1. And the Cardinals win the World Series every year...

  2. I really love your vision Jean. Thanks for tagging me!

  3. About two years ago there was an archaelogic find in Sumatra I believe. The find suggested that there was a pygmy tribe that lived on the island. That got me to thinking: Heaven for me would be knowing instead of speculating. All the secrets of history would be revealed. I recognize that I have a finite mind, so this version of Heaven may be more than I can handle. Of course I would like to see all my family, friends, and pets too.

    Compare our versions of Heaven to those you practice Islam. All attempts to euphemize Islam end here.


  4. Thank you for thinking of me! I plan to participate within the next few days. Gotta' have some quiet time for this one. :)

  5. You're welcome, MM!

    You're on my mind a lot! I read your blog daily.

    As you can see, I just let my imagination carry me away on this one. I was planning on following up with something more serious.

    I'm looking forward to your post.

  6. I've heard the Mass described as Heaven on earth, so I guess I sorta see Heaven as the "Heavenly banquet" - a Mass where the King of Heaven is our High Priest, feeding us of Himself.

    Only I hope the kids are better behaved.

  7. I really enjoyed reading about your vision of heaven :-)

    God Bless you!

    p.s. Thanks for the tag, Jean.


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