Most Ridiculous Story of the Day: Hillary Recruiting Catholics

Even Hillary Clinton thinks this is ridiculous.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam reports on Hilliary's efforts to win over the "Catholic" vote. AMDG received this letter from the Clinton campaign and almost deleted it as spam:

Dear friend:

We are starting a conversation with Catholics across America and hope you will join us. Hillary shares your vision for the common good -- quality, affordable health care for all Americans, better educational opportunities for our children, and a plan for peace and stability from Baghdad to Darfur. Together we can make this vision a reality. Join Hillary's National Catholic Steering Committee to be a part of this campaign to make history. To sign up, visit our Faith Steering Committee



About the only type of Catholics Hillary can recruit are those who have been living in a cave for the past 50 years and don't know anything about her character, her voting record, her and her husband's immoral acts, and their criminal behavior. Another exception to the rule would be people the liberal press identifies as "Catholics" like John Kerry or Rudy Giuliani, who excommunicated themselves from the faith years ago, but still pretend to be Catholic.

In the rare case that you might know someone like that, be sure to share this information with them:

1. Hillary Clinton's Voting Record
2. The Clinton's God - The National Catholic Register
3. The Clinton Crime Family
4. Hillary and The Presidency
5. Hillary and Porn
6. Hillary Clinton Booed By New York Heroes But Applauded By Homosexuals
7. Voting with a Clear Conscience by Father Frank Pavone


  1. Unfortunately, I know of many democrats of all ages who say "my grandpa, and dad voted democrat since FDR, and I will always vote democrat". This is another reason I wish we had to pass a test before we could vote. Perhaps then they would look at the issues.


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