Prayer Request: Childrens' Eucharist Adoration Program Under Attack

Many of you are already familiar with the Community of St. John's Eucharistic Adoration program for children, "Children of Hope" led by Fr. Antoine, (who is a regular guest on EWTN and has filmed several series for them, as well as appearing on "Life on the Rock", “Mother Angelica Live”, and traveling throughout the United States and the world, implementing this program in parishes) but for those of you who are not, this is a wonderfully inspirational video about it. As an Oblate with the Community of St. John, I have seen this program in action firsthand and it is so beautiful to see the children grow in their love for the Lord through it.

Recently, it has been under heavy criticism from Margaret C. Galitzin who authored "Muslim-Style Adoration for Catholic Children."

When I read this I was shocked - I could not believe that anyone would oppose such a beautifully sacred program for children, which helps them grow so much in holiness and in their love for the Lord. These children are not Muslims, but come from good traditional Catholic families who love the faith and there is nothing the least bit "Buddhist" about this, as she states in her article. Please join me in praying for this poor woman.


  1. PLEASE check this out and pray with us .

  2. Hi, Jean! Yes, the Margaret Galitzin article is a bit wacky. (Notice it says "muslins," not Muslims. Oh, dear.) I love the idea of children's adoration was very excited when at one of the local parishes the Children of Hope program was introduced. My daughter, who is being home-schooled, had just turned 4 and I really wanted her to participate.

    However, I did not care for the prostrations in the aisles which were part of the program. I want my daughter to learn the custom of our parish, which is a genuflection before the Blessed sacrament, as the Roman rite prescribes. (I have nothing against people praying privately in any manner they want, but for my daughter, I want her to learn the traditional liturgical form before branching out into creative prayer.)

    Several other parents felt the same way as I did, but the mothers in charge of the event would not and will not give up the prostrations in favor of simple genuflecting and kneeling in the pews, rather than kneeling in the aisles.

    Since it a parish church, and a parish-sponsored event, not a private chapel, many parents feel that the liturgical norms should be observed. This has caused a great deal of controversy among our homeschooling families which requires a great deal of prayer. Please pray!

    Blessings in Our Lady to you,
    Elena Maria Vidal


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