Book Memories: Meme Booked By 3 February 2008

Meme Booked by 3 - February From Steven at Book Reviews and More.

Book Memories

1. Do you associate reading particular books with the places you read them or events of the time you read them?

Yes, I often do. When I read Father Elijah: An Apocalypse by Michael O'Brien, I remember completely avoiding the TV, the computer, sleeping, and nearly every other activity I normally spent time on -- I was totally obsessed with that book. It provided me with the inner peace I was searching for during a time that was anything but peaceful in my life. I also read it before I went on a pilgrimage to Rome, ( that included stopping by Assisi), and it prepared my heart for the spiritual impact that trip had on me.

I will always associate Bert Ghezzi's book Mystics and Miracles with the Catholic Writer's Association (now known as Catholic Writers Online) Conference at Franciscan University in Steubenville, as I purchased it at the campus bookstore and went to a workshop put on by Ghezzi -- it was my favorite workshop of the conference. I jokingly asked him to sign it, "to the best writer I know", but instead, he wrote, "To Jean, with my best regards." Later, when I purchased a copy of The Seven Last Words by Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR (the Vice Postulator for the Cause of Canonization of Archbishop Sheen) took me up on my (ridiculous) request and signed it, "To Jean, the best writer I know." That made my day! I will always associate The Seven Last Words with the 40 Hour Devotion at St. Mark's Church in the Catholic Diocese of Peoria and with meeting the good - natured priest with a great sense of humor, Fr. Apostoli.

When I was 15, I read The Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux in my sophomore year of high school. I was shy and pretty much kept to myself in my new school -- Therese and Anne Frank (The Diary of Anne Frank) were my closest friends that year.

2. Do you remember the books you read or do they fade quickly? Or do you remember some better than others? How about remember details like character names, not just overall plot?

I usually start out by reading the book once for overall details, underlining in pencil main ideas or information of importance, jotting down notes or general impressions in the margins. When I finish the book, I write up a quick one page summary, then I write up my review, which contains details. With some books, I remember details very well and can quote from the book. Others, especially those with complex plots, I try to read two or three times.

3. Have you ever forgotten you've read/own a book and borrowed/bought it again?

No, I tend to remember the books I have read -- they leave an impression on me.

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  1. Mahalo for the tag Jean. I will do it sometime today.

  2. This looks like fun, Jean, thanks for the tag!


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