YouTube yanks ALL video; keeps PP video

" On Monday morning, American Life League (ALL) was informed by YouTube that one of its exposé videos on Planned Parenthood was evicted from their for its 'inappropriate nature.' Strangely enough, the ad that the ALL was criticizing remains on YouTube."

"It is outrageous that YouTube would black-out our video warning the public about a Planned Parenthood sex video while it continues to carry the original Planned Parenthood video,” said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League.

The “inappropriate nature” cited by YouTube management is the very same centerpiece of a publicly aired Planned Parenthood television advertising campaign which is still being hosted by YouTube as of Monday afternoon and has not been flagged.

“Such duplicitous acts cannot go unchallenged. We’ve let them know we will not be silent. We have already filed a complaint with the online service and will do whatever we can to see that this discriminatory action is overturned by YouTube,” said Judie Brown, President of American Life League.

“Ironically, if there was anything inappropriate in our report it came from Planned Parenthood’s ads. Yet, their video remains while ours is removed,” stated Sedlak.

Sedlak continued, “Our concern is that Planned Parenthood’s attack dogs flagged our video to hide the truth, and then YouTube caved to pressure. Sadly, at a time when many young people are embracing YouTube as a place where they can get the truth, it seems YouTube has its own bias and is not afraid to censor the truth about Planned Parenthood.”

“I guess you can’t criticize Planned Parenthood on YouTube,” Sedlak concluded.

YouTube employee: "I am shocked, shocked, to find that inappropriate material is on YouTube!"

Via CNA and ALL.

Note: Sign ALL's online petition to send YouTube a message by clicking here.


  1. Maybe ALL and its supporters should consider patronizing YouTube's competitor, ipernity ( ).
    Ipernity also allows one to post videos.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Jean. I will put this on my blog and I have let a friend that has another pro life blog know too. I am pretty certain she will put it on her blog too.

  3. I was thinking tonight that maybe we should also boycott youtube.

  4. I posted a link to your blog from mine. Therese gave me the heads up on this post.

    We need to make sure as many people as possible sign the petition and tell YouTube exactly what we think.


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