On The Fat Chance...(Meme)

...that I am ever canonized...

I hope that this photo is used because it shows the cat that has been most challenging to me in my cat lover history and the one to which I am most attached. Actually, I have been very attached to all of my cats and have nursed them through many illnesses and tough times. I have a million and one stories in which I have been a "cat hero".

I'm jumping the gun here. Please allow me to explain -- Esther has tagged me for a humorous and unusual meme regarding what picture I would use for my holy card, should I make it to saint, and of what cause(s) I wanted to be patroness.

Of course, I would be patroness of cats (especially abandoned cats, cats with behavioral and emotional problems, cats who are visually impaired or blind, cats with cancer or terminal diseases) and cat lovers.

On second thought, change my holy card to the one below -- it's cuter. And, if you recite the nine day novena, you get your prayer answered along with a rose and the sound of a purr at the moment it is answered.

For this meme, I will tag the following people:


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