Book Review: We Chose Life: Why You Should Too

We Chose Life: Why You Should Too by Anthony Horvath, 84 pages, Athanatos Publishing Group.

When I received a copy of noted Christian writer Anthony Horvath’s new book, We Chose Life: Why You Should Too, I expected a well-written discussion of his pro-life views, but had no idea that he had such a gripping, powerful personal story to tell.

In this small, but power-packed book, Anthony Horvath shares one of the most heart-rending stories a parent can tell – the discovery that their child has a serious medical problem. At the 20 week ultrasound, he and his wife are overjoyed to learn that they are to have a daughter, but are thrust into a state of shock and, later, grief, when they discover that their daughter has a severe birth defect known as Spina Bifida. In the course of discovering his daughter’s condition, he and his wife are asked the question most doctors seem to automatically ask parents of an exceptional child today: “Do you want to terminate?” Their response was an emphatic, “No!” Anthony describes the many challenges that he and his wife face, as well as the unexpected graces they are given, as they courageously move forward, trusting in God to care for them and for the beautiful child that He has gifted their family with, rising above the uncertainties that this new life brings.

In the second part of the book, Horvath explains in clear, concise terms the reasons why they chose life and why it makes sense for others to do so. His arguments are easy to understand and indisputable. These logical arguments are not written for the theologian, but are easily understood by the layman – for example - the unmarried teenage mother who needs to make a decision about giving birth to her child and the married couple who are confronted with the birth of an exceptional child for the first time in their lives.

“We Chose Life: Why You Should, Too” would be an excellent asset to: pregnancy resource centers, pro-life libraries, and natural family planning group libraries. Pastors and counselors would benefit from reading this book and using it as a resource. I highly recommend it for all parents who are told that their child has a birth defect and asked, “Do you want to terminate?” It will encourage and inspire you and give you the strength to make the right decision.

~ copyright January 31, 2009, Jean M. Heimann, retired educator, psychologist, former crisis pregnancy counselor, pro-life activist


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