John Michael Talbot's new album Worship and Bow Down comes to life

 I am so happy to hear that John Michael Talbot is recording a new album!

Top liturgical publisher OCP has partnered with renowned Catholic recording artist, John Michael Talbot to create the CD Worship and Bow Down, a rich collection of modern-chant style songs for personal and communal prayer.

"John Michael Talbot continues to write songs that speak to the heart of our worship life," says Tom Tomaszek, director of artists and repertoire for OCP. "He truly has served as a troubadour for the Lord and OCP is honored to collaborate with him in publishing these new songs of hope and faith."

The album, currently in production at the Tracking Room in Nashville, Tenn. is a lush mix of contemplative tracks and a contemporary-chant Mass setting that features a chamber orchestra and choral arrangements alongside John Michael's unmistakable vocals and solo guitar.

Worship and Bow Down will be the latest edition to John Michael Talbot's collections currently offered by OCP, which include City of God (2005), Table of Plenty (1997) and Our Blessing Cup (1996). Additionally, a digital-edition Mass setting from the new CD will be available at OCP's new Roman Missal resource page later this year.

"I haven't released a project of completely new music for several years. Recently, my ministry has focused on bringing hope to Americans from Catholic churches. This recording reflects that hope," says Talbot. "It was my goal to create songs that facilitate genuine worship and praise, and a Christian experience of deeper meditation through modern chant and song."

Worship and Bow Down will be available digitally this Spring with a formal release scheduled for Summer 2011. However, fans of Talbot can follow the album's production process through daily updates and pictures on his Facebook fanpage -- starting February 14, 2011.

John Michael Talbot, sits down with Interactive Media to discuss his career, ministry, and the "hermit within":


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