Seventh Planned Parenthood Clinic Assists in Sex Trafficking of Minors

Live Action has done it again. They have just launched a new video showing Planned Parenthood DC willing to assist a self-identified sex trafficker seek abortion and other services for underage girls.

More details from the press release:

Excerpt 1: Underage? No insurance? No problem.

PP: Yeah and we’ll waive like a $5 or $10 donation with them.

PP: Um, but I would recommend them come in all alone with this I mean, it doesn’t matter if it’s on the same day, their slots-

Prostitute: Oh, ok

Prostitute: Ok.

PP: just make them appointments, and if they don’t have insurance-

Prostitute: M’hm.

PP: Because they’re teens, we’ll put them under the teen thing –

Prostitute: Ok, teen years have teen servi-services

Excerpt 2: “If they need an abortion.”

Prostitute: And then the same thing maybe if they need an abortion or something?

Well, what’s the process for that?

PP: For that, we don’t do it but we give referrals to the other ones –so on the card -

Prostitute: Oh, on the card, yes –

Prostitute: Oh, ok

PP: Yeah, I just, I know that they have reduced fees through, um, people that’s, like you know, low income. It’s normally $297, for actual procedure.

Prostitute: Ok, a hundred- $297?

PP: Yeah, yeah they take it down, from-

“The pattern in DC, just miles from Capitol Hill and the White House, is clear: presented with information that underage girls are being exploited for commercial sex, Planned Parenthood’s again shows its willingness to aid and abet sex traffickers,” Said Lila Rose, president of Live Action. “An institutional crisis has consumed Planned Parenthood at the highest levels. The reason their story has changed five times in reaction to our investigation is because they know they’re guilty.”


  1. Surprise Surprise!!

    With cover from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., they think they can get by with murder...


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