St. Julian the Hospitallier

Today's Saint of the day is St. Julian the Hospitallier, also known as the "Poor Man".

Born of noble parents, Julian was a friend and counselor to the king. Legend has it that once while hunting, he caught a stag, who foretold that he would kill his parents. Horrified Julian left his parents’ house.

In another land he married a rich widow. Julian’s parents, not knowing the reason of their son’s disappearance searched for him everywhere and made an unexpected visit to his castle. His wife gave them her and Julian's bed and Julian killed them, thinking they were his wife and another man. As penance, he and his wife traveled to Rome as pilgrims seeking absolution. On his way home, to continue his penance, he built a hospice beside a river, cared for the poor and sick, and rowed travellers across the river for free.

Once a pilgrim leper nearly froze to death. Julian gave him hospitality, fed him and warmed him. After that the traveler, who was an angel, told him that Christ had accepted his penance and his sin was forgiven.

Julian is the patron of: boatmen, carnival workers, childless people, fiddlers, travelers, hotel keepers, and murderers.


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