O'Reilly Features Live Action Footage in Carhart Segment

This was aired on O'Reilly yesterday -- May 14th. It looks like we have another Gosnell out there.


  1. Very good that O'Reilley is so engaged. In case you have the "no fibs" ever police on you someday, here is scripture supporting undercover ruses:

      Scripture has Jehu praised by God after Jehu uses a ruse to kill the Baal worshippers.  Jehu joins them in their sin of idolatry but not really....very like live action...read that whole chapter in your leisure 2 Kings 10:

    Jehu gathered all the people together and said to them: "Ahab served Baal to some extent, but Jehu will serve him yet more.
    Now summon for me all Baal's prophets, all his worshipers, and all his priests. See that no one is absent, for I have a great sacrifice for Baal. Whoever is absent shall not live." This Jehu did as a ruse, so that he might destroy the worshipers of Baal.

    He then kills them and here is God affirming what he did and its details in the word "well":

    30 The LORD said to Jehu, "Because you have done well what I deem right, and have treated the house of Ahab as I desire, your sons to the fourth generation shall sit upon the throne of Israel."


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