Praying for a Miracle: Please Join Us

My family has started praying for a miracle for my sister-in-law, Betty, who has an aggressive cancer. 

Please join us in praying for a miracle through the intercession of Venerable Father Emil Kapaun.

Prayer for Intercession

Father Emil Kapaun gave
glory to God by following
his call to the priesthood and
thus serving the people of Kansas
and those in the military.

Father Kapaun, I ask your
intercession not only for these needs
which I mention now. . .but that I
too may follow your example of
service to God and my neighbor.

For the gifts of courage in battle
and perseverance of faith,
we give you thanks O Lord.

Recite one Our Father, one Hail Mary,
and one Glory Be.


  1. Prayers for your sister from another cancer fighter and former Wichita resident. I'm in remission now from mantle cell lymphoma (after 2 bone marrow transplants, chemo and radiation). I pray that your sister's cancer will be healed through Fr. Kapaun's intercession. God bless you and your family.

  2. Thank you so much, Kalona! :)

    God bless you!


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