Seven Great Saint Quotes on Holiness

1. “Holiness does not consist in doing extraordinary things. It consists in accepting, with a smile, what Jesus sends us. It consists in accepting and following the will of God.”
 -- Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Mother Teresa: In My Own Words, 1

2. "Holiness does not demand anything great, beyond the ability of the person. It depends on God's Love; every daily act can be transformed into an act of love. " -- Saint Ursula Julia Ledochowska

3,  Sanctity consists in struggling, in knowing that we have defects and in heroically trying to overcome them. Sanctity, I insist, consists in overcoming those defects - although we will still have defects when we die; for if not, as I have told you, we would become proud.
-- St. Josemaria Escriva The Forge, 312

4. "Do not be afraid to be holy! Have the courage and humility to present yourselves to the world determined to be holy, since full, true freedom is born from holiness." -- St. Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day, Santiago, Spain, 1989

5. "Holiness does not consist in one exercise or another, bu is a disposition of the heart, which renders us humble and little in the hands of God, conscious of our weakness, and confident, even daringly confident, in His fatherly goodness." -- St. Therese of Lisieux, Spirit of St. Therese, compiled by the Carmelites of Lisieux (Burns and Oates), 179.

6. "‘Great’ holiness consists in carrying out the ‘little duties’ of each moment." -- St. Josemaria Escriva
The Way, 817

7. "God’s invitation to become saints is for all, not just a few. Sanctity therefore must be accessible to all. In what does it consist? In a lot of activity? No. In doing extraordinary things? No, this could not be for everybody and at all times. Therefore, sanctity consists in doing good, and in doing this good in whatever condition and place God has placed us. Nothing more, nothing outside of this."
-- Blessed Louis Tezza


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