St. André Bessette: Miracle Man of Montreal

By Jean M. Heimann

January 6th is the feast of St André Bessette, a religious brother and a humble doorkeeper who was deeply devoted to prayer.  He compassionately comforted the sick and afflicted. Through his intercessory prayers to St. Joseph, many were miraculously healed. One-half million cures have been attributed to his prayers.

Saint André was born on August 9, 1845, near Montreal, Canada as Alfred Bessette. The son of a woodcutter, her was the eighth of twelve children. His father died in a work-related accident and his mother died of tuberculosis. He was adopted at age 12 by a farmer who insisted that he work to pay for his keep. After working as a farmhand, he labored at various trades: shoemaker, baker, and blacksmith -- all failures. He was a factory worker during the Civil War. At age 25, he applied to join the Congregation of the Holy Cross, but was initially refused due to his poor health. He latter gained the support of Bishop Bourget, and was finally accepted.

Alfred entered the Congregation of Holy Cross in 1870, taking the name of Brother André. He was given the simple job of doorkeeper at Notre Dame College in Montreal, with additional duties as sacristan, laundry worker and messenger. Andre had a lifelong devotion to St. Joseph and spent much time in prayer. On his windowsill, facing Mount Royal, was a small statue of Saint Joseph, to whom Andre was especially devoted. "Someday," he believed, "Saint Joseph will be honored on Mount Royal."

Brother André had a special ministry to the sick. He would rub the sick person with oil from a lamp in the college chapel, and many were healed. Word of his power spread, and when an epidemic broke out at a nearby college, Andre volunteered to help; no one died. The trickle of sick people to his door became a flood. His superiors were uneasy; diocesan authorities were suspicious; doctors called him a quack. "I do not cure," he always said. "Saint Joseph cures." By his death, he was receiving 80,000 letters each year from the sick who sought his prayers and healing.

For many years the Holy Cross authorities had tried to buy land on Mount Royal. Brother André and others climbed the steep hill and planted medals of Saint Joseph on it, and soon after, the owners yielded. André collected money to build a small chapel and received visitors there, listening to their problems, praying, rubbing them with Saint Joseph's oil, and curing many. The magnificent chapel, now a great basilica, St. Joseph's Oratory, is still in use today.

Brother André died as he had lived, suffering heroically and praying fervently. During his final agony, Andre resigned himself to God's will, uttering the following words: “My God how I suffer. . . Heaven is so beautiful that it is worth all the trouble with which one prepares for it.. . . How good God is. . . How beautiful. . . How powerful. . . Mary, Sweet mother, mother of my sweet Savior, be merciful to me and help me . . . Saint Joseph. . . ”

Brother André died at age 90 on January 6, 1937, of natural causes and was buried in the Oratory. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on May 23, 1982. In his homily that day, The Holy Father said this of Brother André:

"A daily crowd of the sick, the afflicted, the poor of all kinds-those who were handicapped or wounded by life-came to him. They found in his presence a welcome ear, comfort and faith in God. Do not the poor of today have as much need of such love, of such hope, of such education in prayer?"

On December 19, 2009, Pope Benedict XVI promulgated a decree recognizing a second miracle at Blessed André's intercession and on October 17, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI formally declared sainthood for Blessed André.

Prayer to Saint André for Healing

Saint André,
I come to you in prayer for healing.
(state your intention)
You were no stranger to illness.
Plagued by stomach problems,
you knew suffering on a daily basis,
but you never lost faith in God.
Thousands of people have sought your healing touch
as I do today.
Pray that I might be restored to health
in body, soul and mind.
With St. Joseph as my loving Protector,
strengthen my faith and give me peace
that I might accept God’s will for me
no matter what the outcome.

--- Via Congregation of the Holy Cross.


“It is with the smallest brushes that the artist paints the most exquisitely beautiful pictures."

"When you invoke St Joseph, you don’t have to say much. Say, ‘If you were in my place, St Joseph, what would you do? Well, pray for this on my behalf.’"

"I rarely prayed for my mother, but I often prayed to her."

~ St. André Bessette


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