Catholic Fire Returns to Blogger

Three years after Jean Heimann moved the Catholic Fire blog to her new author website, Catholic Fire returns to the Google Blogger platform. Jean, unfortunately, is no longer able to maintain the blog, but fifteen years of her blogging efforts are still available here.

Those of you who are fans of Jean's work may be interested in this update on her situation by her friend Judy Phelps:

Jean and husband Bill, 2017
To Jean’s readers: My name is Judy Phelps, and I am a friend of Jean’s. I am writing this to give you an update about the many things that have changed in Jean’s life recently.

Jean’s beloved husband, Bill, died on February 16th. He had heart surgery to address a valve problem, and unfortunately developed bleeding in the following days, and the doctors were not able to save him.

Upon visiting Jean the day after Bill’s death, another friend from church and I became quickly aware that Jean was not in a condition to take care of herself. It became apparent that Bill had been her caregiver and, with him gone, she would need extensive help. Over the next two months, it was determined by her doctors that Jean would need long-term care. We found a very nice retirement community for her with all levels of care. The graciousness of the staff is amazing, and we visit her constantly and are certain she is receiving the best care possible.

I wanted to let her loyal readers know that she will not be able to blog any more. She has suffered a sharp mental decline, possibly accelerated by her chemo treatments of last Fall. I ask all her prayer warriors out there to pray for her and for the soul of Bill.
All of Jean's original Blogger posts are here on this site. Until sometime later this years, you can also find her newer posts on her WordPress site.

Meanwhile, I hope to continue the Catholic Fire blog, to explore what is implied for all of us by Saint Catherine of Siena's challenge: "If you are what you ought to be, you will set the world on fire!"


  1. Thank you so much for the update, Judy. What great news that you are planning to continue this wonderful blog. I will pray for Jean and Bill.


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