Friday, May 30, 2008

Corruption in KS under Governor Kathleen Sebelius Revealed at Last!

Everyone's talking about it throughout the blogosphere. I knew this day was bound to come when I first began blogging about the corruption here in KS about three years ago. It existed long before I moved here, but hopefully, won't continue, now that it has been publicly exposed on a national level. I am so thankful to Operation Rescue and Kansans for Life for exposing the evil and bringing it into the light.

Dennis Boyle of the National Review refers to it as "machine politics" in his article "Supremely Wrong." Here's how he describes it:

Machine politics is generally associated with cities, the cynical cronyism that is the prerequisite to wholesale corruption and urban decay. But these days it’s at its worst in, of all places, Kansas, under the governorship of leading Democratic vice-presidential contender, Kathleen Sebelius.

Just ask Phill Kline. The former state attorney general and current district attorney of Johnson County, in suburban Kansas City, Kline is that most unfortunate of political creatures — the inspired reformer. The object of his quixotic campaign is to reform the abortion laws of Kansas — not by changing them, but by simply enforcing them.
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Jill Stanek gives us her take on this latest escapade between Tiller and Sebelius in Sebelius hosts Tiller and staff at guv's mansion.

Leticia shares the story "Sebelius and Tiller: partners in infanticide" at causa nostrae laetitiae .

Midwest Voices reports on: Sebelius in Sebelius and her pal Dr. Tiller, as does LifeSite News in Sebelius Issues “Laughable” Defense of Secret Party at Governor's Mansion Honoring Abortionist Tiller.

Perhaps the best summary of the mess Sebelius has created comes to us in the simple words of Marybeth T. Hagan, blogger at Mother...May I...Be Born? who says, "If we are, as the saying goes, "judged by the company we keep," then Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has blood all over her hands.

What a mess this incompetent and immoral Governor has created in KS under her corrupt leadership!

Lucky for Sebelius that this is her last term in office, as Tiller's money (which has kept her in office all these years) seems to be running out as he shells it out to the lawyers defending him in the mounting criminal cases against him.

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Bill said...

I believe the blood stain on Sebelius hands is now so crimson that she can no longer hide it. Thank you OR and Kansas Right to Life for exposing this for all to know.