Friday, January 29, 2010

Top Stories This Week on Catholic Fire

Petition launched to support the Tebow pro-life ad 

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen's prophecies on the Laity in the 21st Century

Congressman Chris Smith calls for prayer and fasting to end abortion

The Near Occasion of Sin

 Saint Gildas the Wise

Deal Hudson: Personhood and Politics

Personhood expands to three new states

Fr. Frank Pavone comments on attempts to block Tebow ad

12-year-old homeschooler releases pro-life song, video

Gays and Abortion (Video)

St. Thomas Aquinas, "Angelic Doctor"

The truth about the 2010 March for Life

US bishops: Enact genuine health reform, oppose current language on abortion, conscience protection

Pope John Paul II: Why He is a Saint

The 2010 March for Life in Pictures

The American Life League Training and Activism Week and Personhood Conference (Photos)

Pope Benedict denounces the horror of the holocaust ; hopes that the memory will arouse greater respect for the dignity of each person

Saint Angela Merici

Pro-life leaders respond to the controversial Tebow Super Bowl ad

What is your pro-life strategy?

Blatant pro-Planned Parenthood bias in Catholic college’s research guides

Abortion groups attack faith-based charities providing support to pregnant women

Personhood Kansas Launches Campaign to Amend Constitution, Recognize Human Rights

Saints Timothy and Titus, Bishops

Miracle Accomplished

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TOM O'TOOLE said...

I thought you (and your readers!) might like this link (a singer/songwriter who sings of his regret over the loss of his child through abortion):
A Dream A Lot Like Mine, by Emmett Grayson

Tom O'Toole
The Rosary Online