Ken Canfield: The Christian Alternative to Sebelius

Dr. Ken Canfield a fourth-generation Kansan, and State Rep. Kathe Decker, his running mate

Wichita, KS, July 10, 2006 -- I was invited to a speech tonight given by Ken Canfield, Ph.D. -- a candidate for Governor here in Kansas. The invitation stated that he was solidly pro-life and a strong Christian.

My initial reaction was, "Praise the Lord! Our prayers are being answered."

It is obvious that our current governor is strongly pro-death, despite her rhetoric to the contrary. Kathleen Sebelius, like many other "Catholics" in the democratic party, seems to be a little confused as to what it means to be "pro-life", and "pro-family". She has vetoed legislation that would have made the abortion mills more accountable for their actions. She claims to be pro-life, but consistently vetoes pro-life legislation that is passed by the Kansas legislature. She claims to be "Catholic", but consistently behaves in a manner that is contrary to Catholic teachings.

When I heard Ken Canfield speak tonight, I was reassured, when he said, "Life is sacred. There are no exceptions in my book for taking life."

Dr. Canfield doesn’t believe that any child should pay for the crime of his/her father in the case of rape or incest. In the case of the mother’s life or health being in grave danger, he believes the doctor should work to save both the mother and the unborn child. [We all know that the exception clause "Health of the Mother" has been grossly misused so that a woman can have an abortion for any reason.]

I learned that not only does Ken Canfield understand the sacredness of the little ones' lives, but he also respects and honors the lives of our elderly and senior citizens. He firmly believes that when they are in their sunset years and their health is compromised that their lives should not be ended prematurely by any doctor or judge. Canfield will promote legislation that will protect those who are unable to speak for themselves. He wants Kansas to be known as a state that protects life, not one that destroys it.

Being pro-life in the true sense, he believes in the basic principle of the God ordained family unit. First of all, he believes traditional marriage, defined as the union of one man and one woman, is to be defended and championed! Secondly, he believes parents should have the primary control in rearing and caring for their children. In applying this principle in education, parents should continue to have the freedom to choose their children’s education whether private, public or home schooling. Local control should be given back to parents who choose public education. Thirdly, the protection of the family unit means that one would govern in such a way that the family is protected from harmful elements of society such as government sanctioned gambling, rampant over-taxation, and the loss of personal God-given property rights.

In stark contrast to Canfield's pro-life/pro-family views we presently have Sebelius as governor. Children continue to die because of her overt stance against the protection of the innocent child in the womb. She continues to allow women to be harmed, abused and even killed at the hands of the abortionists in Kansas. Ms.Sebelius wouldn't even sign bills that would have imposed regulations on free standing abortion clinics.

George Tiller, one of the owners of these free standing abortion clinics, has given $23,000 to her political action committee. He has also donated between $15,000- $20,000 to her governor's campaign insuring her loyalty. By her governing on the side of the abortionists' she continues to give Kansas the reprehensible reputation of being the abortion capital of the U.S. For the past four years, Ms. Sebelius has governed in such a way that it has deeply hurt the families of Kansas.

Dr. Ken Canfield is a fourth-generation Kansan who has dedicated his life to strengthening families and fathers. He is founder of the Kansas City-based National Center for Fathering — a national organization focused solely on equipping men to be the involved fathers their children need.

Dr. Ken Canfield's Bio:

Ken was born in Wichita, Kansas to Melvin and Jean Canfield. His father, now retired, was an Avionics Supervisor at Beech Aircraft. His mother was a homemaker and community volunteer. Ken is the oldest of four children. He attended public schools in Wichita and was active in sports and scouting. He is an eagle scout and began his work career at 14 for the Wichita Eagle Beacon. He worked through high school and college at the Coleman Company and other small manufacturing companies.

After graduating from Southeast High School in Wichita, he completed a B.A. at Friends University. He pursued further studies at the University of British Columbia, Regent College, where he completed a Masters Degree and then returned to complete a PhD. at Kansas State University. While in Manhattan, Kansas he became a Vice-President of the Osborne Company, specializing in construction and development. He also founded the International Family Center (a counseling and research think tank to strengthen families) and the National Center for Fathering in 1990.

While leading the National Center for Fathering, Dr. Canfield has served as a consultant to state and community officials on ways to engage and equip fathers in local programming, and served as one of the founding members of former Vice President Al Gore’s private-sector “Father to Father” Initiative and the National Fathers Leadership Group. Dr. Canfield was recognized for his leadership in 1993 when he was awarded Father of the Year by the National Congress for Men and Children. He has presented at hundreds of state and community conferences ranging from Governor Pete Wilson’s California Summit to Governor Evan Bayh’s Restoring Fatherhood conference.

He is the author of scientific articles and popular books. His work has appeared in Psychological Reports, Journal of Testing and Measurment and several edited texts. His popular books include, The Heart of a Father (Northfield Publishing, Chicago), and the award-winning 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers (Tyndale,Chicago). Canfield has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC’s Today Show, ABC’s World News Tonight and numerous radio programs.Ken and his wife Dee reside in Overland Park, Kansas. They have been married for 29 years and have 5 children.

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  1. I was very impressed by Canfield's background as well as by his pro-life views and other policies. I believe he is a strong contender in the race.

  2. I just don't understand... as a female I believe that it is my choice what I do with my body.

    The same religious zealots who insists that it is their business what takes place in my uterus also support hate filled constitutional amendments dictating who can love and striping away equal rights.

    It is this hypocracy and selective interpretation of the Bible that has turned me away from organized religion in Kansas.

    The National Congress for Father's and Children is an organization that instructs fathers on how to avoid taking care of their children emotionally and financially. For Mr. Canfield to accept any type of "award" from them shows to me that he supports their actions of exclusion and harming children. He is all talk.

    I have been a children's advocate for over 20 years here in the Shawnee Mission Kansas area and Mr. Canfield has not done anything to improve the plight of the children here in his home state.

    More of that religious hypocracy???

  3. Dear Mishy,

    OF COURSE it is your choice to do with your body what you desire -- God gave each of us a free will. He is a perfect Gentleman and allows us to use our conscience and to make up our own minds. We can either choose to sin or to obey Him.

    As a result of Roe V. Wade, we can go and have abortions with no legal consequence. And aren't we the lucky ones as a result?
    As a result of that abortion, any of the following mishaps can and do occur: death (to mother as well as baby), blood clots, complications of anesthesia. chronic infection and inflamation of female organs, ectopic pregnancy (in the tubes), hemorraging, perforation of the uterus, premature births (incompetent cervix), repeated miscarriage, permanent sterility, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - traumatic fear, helplessness, and horror, flashbacks, panic attacks, recurring dreams and nightmares, hallucinations, dissociation - "spacing out", repressed traumatic memories accompanied by acute pain, obsessions with death, psychotic reactions, repeat abortions as a result of coercion, alcohol and drug addictions, promiscuity, depression to the point of suicide, self-dstructive behavior, intrusive thoughts of hurting children, eating disorders -- anorexia, compulsive overeating, ruined relationships, and sexual dysfunctions. And, And,I haven't even begun to touch on the spiritual consequences of this immoral behavior which cuts off the flow of graces from God. God still loves you, but you have chosen to severe your relationship with Him. Through the sacrament of Reconciliation, you can obtain his mercy and forgiveness and receive spiritual healing. However, it isn't that easy to recover from the other consequences -- it may take years to heal if indeed the person does heal.

    Abortion is not only harmful and destructive to the life and health of the mother, but it is destructive to the life of the child -who is living and growing within the mother. The baby is a separate life growing within the mother. The baby has its own sex, blood-type, and fingerprints. The heart begins beating between 18
    and 25 days and brain waves have been recorded at forty days. At only 8 weeks, the baby can make a tiny fist, have hiccups, suck its thumb -- the baby is not the mother's life, but a separate, individual life growing with her. The mother provides the food and a comfortable, temporary environment.

    I believe that it is important that we support women's rights and women's rights begin in the womb.
    Since Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973, there have been approximately 47,000 abortions. How many of those killed were women? Have you ever wondered why we have a shortage of nurses, teachers, social workers or child advocates like yourself?

    I know that one post like this isn't going to change your mind about abortion. Please know that I will pray for you.

    Abortion is one of the worst destroyers of peace and family life in our country and throughout the world. It is the ultimate form of child abuse and unless it is stopped, our culture will continue to fall apart and self-destruct.

    Equal rights is something the unborn child will never experience, for he/she is not given the basic right that supersedes all others -- the RIGHT TO LIFE.

    God bless you,

  4. Mishy,

    You sound like you are really hurting. I am sorry you are in so much pain. I will pray for you.

    God loves you and so do I.


  5. Mishy,

    I was once angry like you -- but God had other plans for me.

    I pray that He will soften the hardness in your heart and show you the way home.

  6. I just noticed that I should have put 47,000,000 above rather than 47,000 for the number of abortions.

    Also please go to
    for a more complete response to a portion of Mishy's comment.


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