7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 222)

I have finally decided to join Jen in 7 Quick Takes.  I have no idea of how to do this, but I had no idea of what I was doing when I started blogging almost ten years ago. I just jumped right in. I enjoy doing new things, even if they are a little scary. "Be not afraid"! I can hear John Paul II's powerful voice every time I begin something new and am afraid of making a mistake. I felt the same way when I began work on my second Master's degree (in theology) a couple of years ago and things worked out well, because I applied myself and God helped me through the program. I graduated in December 2012. It was His will, so things worked out as I hoped they would.
Now that Google reader is defunct, I am using Feedly Cloud to read all my favorite blogs. I just started tonight and have had no problems. I am creature of habit, so it was a little difficult to change, but I knew I had to take action. I am still wondering how to get my blog to post automatically on Google+. There has been so much going on here, that it has been difficult to keep up with all the technological changes lately.
This had been an interesting week. We celebrated our 21st anniversary on Thursday, June 27th by going out to eat. Naturally, I wanted to look nice for my dear husband, so I went to the salon (which has no windows) to get my hair done. Someone mentioned that it was raining outdoors and when I went to the front of the salon, I noticed that it was pouring down and the wind was howling. I jokingly mentioned to my stylist, "You can apply the hurricane spray!" It turns out that we had a terrible storm here, with 89mph winds. Tree limbs were covering the roads and power was out in several places. We arrived home safely after we ate at the nearby restaurant. What an unforgettable anniversary! 
Did I mention that half of our neighbor's tree landed in our flower bed?
Thanks to all who have been praying for both my sister-in-law and my sister, who are both suffering from cancer now. My sister's surgery this week went well despite the fact that she needed a blood transfusion. She is in good spirits and is feeling much better. We are praying to Fr. Kapaun for a rapid recovery and for healing for both sisters. Speaking of Venerable Fr. Kapaun, you can win the wonderful book, The Miracle of Fr. Kapaun or the DVD in the giveaway I am having at Catholic Fire.
I am really looking forward to the Midwest Catholic Conference in Wichita and to the Catholic Writers' Conference Live in Sommerset, NJ -- both in August this year. I am just hoping and praying we can afford the expenses of both.
If you want to see a good movie, go see Monsters University! It's funny, cute, entertaining, and encourages friendship and teamwork. I loved it! If you want to read some good books this summer, check out my blog posts Best Books for Catholic Women 2013 and Seven Great Books for Summer Reading.

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