Right to Life Groups Endorse Huckabee

Tennessee Right to Life Next Pro-Life Group to Endorse Mike Huckabee

Tennessee Right to Life, on Monday, became the next pro-life group to issue an endorsement for Mike Huckabee -- the former Arkansas governor many pro-life advocates consider the strongest pro-life candidate on the GOP side. As LifeNews.com has reported, Tennessee joins its sister affiliates in Missouri, Arizona, Georgia and Montana. Tennessee is one of the states with a primary election on Super Tuesday and Tennessee Right to Life officials told LifeNews.com on Monday they hope Republicans will side with Huckabee. The strength of Governor Huckabee’s public record on matters concerning the protection of human life and strong support among the organization’s grassroots members were key to making the decision, they said.

“The beauty of a grassroots organization is that your members set the priorities,” the group's president Brian Harris said. “For pro-life Tennesseans, the election of a sincere, proven pro-life president is paramount." “Our members recognize Mike Huckabee as ‘one of us’ and that enthusiasm is driven by his demonstrated record of leadership and sacrifice toward the shared cause of protecting life,” Harris added.

Full story at LifeNews.com.

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  1. I am voting for Huckabee today, but not out of any great enthusiasm.

    I refuse to vote for those who are not fully pro-life in the primary when I do have a choice. Rudy - no way and Romney and McCain both support ESCR using so-called leftover embryos. Ron Paul is very pro-life, but I think pulling out of Iraq short term will lead to a massacre. So that leaves Mike Huckabee who is fully pro-life, against torture, and good on social conservative issues. I am not impressed by this time as governor where he raised taxes and destroyed the conservative party there. But being pro-life is first compared to more mundane topics.

    Though when it comes to the General election it will be McCain or Romney and Huckabee won't be around unless as Veep (which I doubt). Unfortunately he does not know how to broaden his message by speaking in terms other than overtly Evangelical. He would do much better if he could speak in terms of natural law theory without having to use scripture exclusively and it makes him sound as if he is using Evangelical identity politics.

  2. Jeff,

    You just described exactly how I am feeling. I was really hoping that we would have a true pro-life Catholic candidate, but things didn't work out that way.


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