Kathleen Sebelius as Health and Human Services Secretary?

After nominee for Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Daschle (a Catholic -In Name Only) was forced to withdraw his name because he failed to pay his taxes, Barack Obama's second choice is even a stronger pro-abort -- Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius (also a CINO). Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann Sebelius' home bishop - has already said Sebelius should not recieve Communion because of her support for abortion.

Read the details at Operation Rescue, LifeNews and the Associated Press.

CINO Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius is at the top of the list and it would certainly be good to get her out of Kansas, where she is a strong advocate of late-term abortions. Here she protects and accepts blood money from late-term abortion George Tiller, but do we really want her as our nation's Health and Human Services Secretary? Doesn't Barack Hussein Obama have something more suitable for her abilities -- like White House plumber? I'm sure she could deal with the sewage problems more efficiently, as she has considerable expertise in that area.

In spite of my personal feelings for her (I'm not particularly fond of those who support baby-kiling and protect baby killers.), I continue to pray for her conversion and encourage you to do so as well. Late-term abortionist "Tiller the Killer" is also in my daily prayers for repentance and conversion.

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  1. On one hand I would really like to get rid of her..., the people of this country even forgave Arkansas for the Clintons. But, she would do more damage on the national level than she could on the state level, but as far as I know, she did pay her taxes!


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