Monday, February 25, 2008

You can keep McCain: We don't want him!

It's late and I really didn't think that I would be talking about politics tonight, but a voice inside is telling me that I must speak out on this. Today I received an email from the Director of Catholics for McCain, attempting to convince me what a great guy John McCain will make for President. He shared an AP article on KS Senator Sam Brownback backing McCain.

When it comes to pro-life issues, I don't like to mince words. Here is my response to him:

As a pro-life Catholic Kansan, I cannot and will not support John McCain.

My reasons are as follows:

1. He is not 100% pro-life, pro-family. He supports gay marriages and recreational embryonic stem cell research. He even voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment.

2. He is supported by criminal George Soros, who also backs Obama and Hillary Clinton. His views on human life are not vastly different than theirs. Either you support human life or you don't.

3. He will not protect our borders (as evidenced by his actions) and, therefore, will be endangering the lives of the American people.

4. I do not trust him nor do I completely trust Sam Brownback, whose motives for backing him are questionable to say the least.

My spouse and I are both registered Republicans, but neither one of us will contribute to his campaign for the above - mentioned reasons.

We need someone who is genuinely pro-life, who stands up for our beliefs, our morals, and our values, not some "phony" politician.

You can keep John McCain! We don't want him nor do the Republicans citizens of Kansas!

For more information on how real pro-life Catholics feel about John McCain check out the following links:

Tell Me Again How Pro-Life McCain Is

"The bottom line is, are we nominating someone who understands that human life begins at conception, and that it is the role of government to protect innocent human life?"

"I am very saddened to see that this does not appear to describe Senator McCain. If it did, he would not speak in terms of women being "forced" to have unsafe and illegal abortions. He would not support recreational embryonic stem cell research. He would not complain about pro-lifers having "taken over" the party platform using such adversarial language."

~Paul at Thoughts of a Regular Guy -- Catholic, Knight of the Militia Immaculata, a Knight of Columbus and a Knight of the SCA.

John McCain Supports Freedom For Gay-Marriage - The Catholic Knight- Knight of Columbus

"John McCain's stated position is that states should be allowed to perform gay-marriages, and he has a voting record to prove it. In 2006 John McCain voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment that would have defined marriage as between a man and a woman, then he went on to call the Amendment 'un-American'."

John McCain - Not Conservative, Not Good For The Pro-Life Cause -Roman Catholic Blog

From Allan Keyes, Catholic Pro-life leader:

Asked about Senator McCain, Keyes said,"He [has] betrayed conservatism in the name of bipartisanship, but actually in the name of trying to serve his own presidential ambition. And that includes the McCain-Feingold bill, a direct assault on freedom of speech, on the ability of conservative grassroots organizations to raise money, on their ability to communicate with the electorate."

Continued Keyes, "[McCain] has made a determined effort to shut down true democratic self-government in this country, so that people can't organize, can't raise money, can't associate, and can't communicate about the records of their representatives. And that kind of assault is a deadly blow against the possibility of self-government and constitutionalism in America."

"And we're just supposed to forget about it now," Keyes said, "and listen to his words that his pollsters tell him he's got to say to please and placate people, but I don't think people are that stupid. I really don't," Keyes said."

The same is true of the border security issue," Keyes remarked. "[McCain] fought tooth and nail against the Minutemen and others who wanted to see the barriers put up and border security assured. Instead, he promoted an amnesty bill that would have devastated the sovereignty of the American people and would have produced demographic changes that confirm the invasion that, in effect, has taken place on our nation's territory and soil."

Said Keyes, "And now he wants us to believe, 'Oh, I'm in favor of strong border security, because I know you people won't vote for me if you know the truth.' Are we that stupid? Have we really become that gullible as a people that we let these politicians change their words and will ignore their actual work and record in the process? I hope not, and don't think so.

"In regard to judicial appointments, Keyes said of McCain, "Other conservatives fought hard to get good judicial nominees set up there, and this guy, looking to refurbish or build up his reputation for bipartisanship, torpedoed their efforts to get good conservative justices through and joined hands with the Teddy Kennedys of the world to defeat the effort."

"This is not soon to be forgotten, by people who understand what it takes, the sacrifices that have been involved in trying to elect good solid conservative majorities in the Senate and the House, only to see them betrayed because of the actions of people like John McCain," Keyes said.

"So, I find it entirely implausible that good hearted and good conscienced conservatives are suddenly going to forget that whole record, which in point of fact means that [McCain's] been moving in a direction indistinguishable from Hillary Clinton. The only difference will be the label," Keyes suggested.

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Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

He supports gay marriages and recreational embryonic stem cell research.

I'm flattered, thank you!

I should note, however, that in writing what you quoted, I do not speak for the Militia Immaculata, the Knights of Columbus, or the SCA (the latter of which is a recreational group, not a religious or political group).

Jean M. Heimann said...

You're welcome, Paul! I probably should have put quotes around that. Would you like me to go back and do that and put your name beside it?

Yes, I understand that, Paul, and am glad you mentioned it.

I should mention, too, that what I have written here is my own opinion and does not represent that of any group to which I belong.

Bill said...

I will not and cannot vote for George Soros, whether it be Obama, Hillary or McClain. They are all controlled by him.

If there is no 3rd party candidate worthy of voting for, I will not vote for President this year. Only candidates that are truly pro-life candidates.

I have said all along, McClain is a RINO, Republican In Name Only.

John said...

I am a prolife Catholic, too, and I refuse to vote for John McCain for the reasons you mention. Soros backs pro-death candidates and pro-death policies and has been associated with McCain for many years now.

I will vote in the upcoming election, but it won't be for McCain.

Leticia said...

Jean, what a well-researched thoughtful post. I may have to write in Huckabee in order to vote, but I can't make myself vote for McCain!

A Catholic Mom said...

Excellent post! Thank you for the information.

Jean M. Heimann said...

Thanks, Leticia. I appreciate your kind words and always feel honored to be complimented by a fellow writer.

If McCain wins the nomination, I will be doing the same thing, as I'm sure many other voters will.

Jean M. Heimann said...

Thanks, Catholic Mom, for the compliment.

God bless you!