Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama's Higher Taxes and His Culture of Death

Some people have blindfolds on and just don't get it -- with Barack Hussein Obama in office there will be higher taxes. Democrats are well-known for raising taxes and spending our money -- especially on things we don't want them spending it on -- like abortions done by Planned Parenthood, sex education for kindergartners, special rights for homosexuals, and lots of other disgusting causes.

With Obama in office, those who need financial help won't get it. Having been poor myself -- I know that the Democrats don't help the poor -- it's all rhetoric. When my husband was laid off last year from his professional position for several months -- the Democratic congress did nothing to help us. We nearly lost our home, while some who were unwilling to work or to do anything to help themselves other than cash a check (as well as Senator Obama, who was getting rich from ACORN and deals with criminals and terrorists), were living high on the hog.

Like most US citizens, we don't want government hand-outs, but we do want job opportunities -- so stop giving away our jobs to places outside of the U.S. and stop cow-towing to other countries and the terrorists, Barry!

It's Obama and other democrats like him who have consistently raised taxes both in and out of the state of IL -- just ask any business owner and they will give you the scoop on him. Our relatives in IL who own small businesses have been penalized by Obama and his buddy Governor B.'s higher taxes. Like Joe the Plumber, they are being penalized by Barack Obama's socialist policies.

It is Obama and people like him who want companies outside of the USA to profit and its hard-working American citizens to lose their jobs. He is more concerned with Africa and Europe than he is with the people in this country. Obama is more concerned with the abortionists making big bucks than he is about us feeding our families. He makes deals with criminals, terrorists, and backs the murderers at Planned Parenthood. Middle class Americans and middle class values mean nothing to the democrats. (There was a time when they once did, but not anymore.)

Also, Obama has no respect for Blacks -- if he did, why would he support and fund an organization that is causing the Black race to die out? (We're talking genocide here.) Why is he endorsed 100% by Planned Parenthood -- one of the largest racist organizations in the world? Most informed Black US citizens realize this. Those who bury their heads in the sand - no matter what race they are -- just don't have a clue.

What does Obama do to help pregnant women? Nothing. He wants them to a undergo procedures that will endanger their lives and kill their babies! To him, a human life is "a punishment"!

Has Obama ever mentioned helping pregnant women by supplying them with food, clothing, and shelter? No, that is not an option -- abortion is the only option he gives women. It is the Christian, pro-life crisis pregnancy centers that help women -- those that the democrats want to shut down.

Wake up! Wake up! Daylight is approaching
and if we don't do something now to help save lives and care for the poor and the suffering in our own backyard, we can't even begin to help others in the rest of the world. What will our future be like with a Mad Man like the faithless, immoral, terrorist - loving Barack Hussein Obama as our President?

What our country needs is morals -- strong morals based on our faith in God. We need to return to our Christian roots and Barry is no Christian -- no matter what he says. He is out for Barry and no one else. He does not desire to serve, but to be served. His lies are so transparent. If you want to believe this compulsive liar and sociopath -- go right ahead. You, in fact, are deceiving yourself if you do. You refuse to face the truth and are eager to commit a grave sin by supporting the culture of death. You are seeking your own will instead of God's will. Take off the blinders and enter into the light -- I pray this in Jesus' name. Amen.

To those who plan to vote for Obama: Think and pray about what I have said and what the 80 Bishops who have condemned Barack Obama's policies have said. It's not too late to change your mind.

To those who are undecided: Pray that God will give you guidance to vote for someone who truly cares about human life -- someone who desires to serve our country instead of himself, and someone who upholds and defends the culture of life.

To those who have voted or plan to vote pro-life: Please continue to pray and fast for this election. Keep up the good fight -- this spiritual battle is not over! God bless you!

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Bill said...

The people NObama will help are only is friends in Africa. He is interested in Europe only to help his Arab friends trake over.

If anyone here benefits. it will only be the lazy and the ones unwilling to work.